safe solutions for tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes

We deliver "Safe and Sustainable Places"
to customers exposed to earthquakes,
hurricanes and tornadoes.

Montenero Concrete Safe Homes

Quick and Affordable

We are a Florida-based company. Our patented "machine form" technology is used by developers and builders to create five-sided monolithic steel-reinforced concrete structures capable of withstanding 220 MPH category 5 hurricane winds. Our technology has been used to build affordable homes, high-end condominium developments, elementary schools, mid-priced homes and high-security prisons in weather-risk markets in the Southeastern US and Caribbean.

This unique concrete forming approach features roofs that cannot blow off in a storm. Why? Because the roof is poured as an integrated and seamless part of the structure, unlike common concrete forming techniques.

Our mission is to quickly create aesthetically pleasing & environmentally sustainable buildings that resist hurricane, tornado & earthquake events.

To accomplish this mission, we work closely with architects, developers and builders to deliver "Safe and Sustainable Places".